Basic class

In this class it explains where ThetaHealing® orginated and from along with the basic principals.Thisclass opens the door to the student to being able to change their life patterns with the belief work. The student will learn how to find their beliefs that are held on four different levels, “core, genetic, history and soul,” but also witness how to find belief structures and change them on yourself, as well as other students in the class. This simple process of the belief work quickly reveals systems of beliefs that might take traditional psychotherapy years to uncover. With doing the Belief work it shows the mind how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones. issues of safety are emphasized especially when making genetic changes in the body.
There are many other fun and exciting exercises that are available in this class. The student will learn how to have discernment and get to work with their guides and guardians. There is an exercise that introduces the students to the laws of manifestations so the student learns to recognize the power of their thoughts, words and actions.
Other Exercises include:Future Readings
Balancing serotonin and noradrenaline levels
Pulling heavy metals and radiation
Waywards and implants
Seven planes of existence
Protocols for healing and conditions and diseases.
An in depth description of ThetaHealing and focuses in on the “12 Strands” of DNA along with the Youth and Vitality Chromosome.This class is so amazing it is truly life changing. By the end of the three day class the student is well prepared to become a practitioner of ThetaHealing, starting their path as a ThetaHealer, touching the energy of Unconditional Love from the Creator.

Advanced Class

In the Basic class you learned how to work on yourself as well as others. You learned about the conscious and the subconscious, how to muscle test, and where beliefs were held and how to witness the beauty of the “Creator” as these belief structures change. You found how quickly a healing can and does occur. You learned about the Seven Planes of Existence. Take your adventure with ThetaHealing® to the next level, by taking the Advanced Course in ThetaHealing®. The Advanced Class takes you into a deeper understanding of the Planes of Existence.
Witness as you learn from the Creator how to:Clear Vows, Oaths, Obligations and Commitments
Do a healing from the time of conception
Do a healing on the soul and heart
Clear old trauma’s as well as the free floating memories that are attached to the trauma
Remove the Resentments, Rejections, and Regrets that keep you from moving forward.
Receive hundreds of downloads for feelings, and how to live in the now, leaving you and the class transformed.With this class you will become faster at witnessing, seeing inside the body and finding the core beliefs. Also in this class learn how to find the belief structures that keep you stuck in your current situation, that keep you ill, or in poverty.
Pre requisites for this Class:
Basic DNA

Manifestation and Abundance

The Manifestation and Abundance Class is a fun filled, informative class, which can help you to manifest your dreams into your reality. We know that a disease can occur because of our belief structures. Have you ever stopped to think that Poverty is a disease as well? Vianna found that people were giving downloads for abundance and that they were becoming discouraged because their manifestations were not happening quickly. “Creator” gave Vianna 100 different beliefs that people had on the core, genetic, history and even soul levels that block them from their dreams. So Vianna created the Manifestation and Abundance Class so that People could dig on their beliefs and find their blocks. With the digging work and downloads people are finding that it is now possible for them to create their dreams and to bring their dreams into their reality.
The exercises that occur in this class are:
    • How to find and remove your blocks
    • Devine timing
    • Seeing your Future
    • Remembering your future
    • Finding where you are stuck
    • Blessing your money
    • Manifesting downloads

Then Learn how to Manifest with

    • Manifesting downloads
    • Manifesting with a Theta State
    • Manifesting from the 7 Plane of Existence

Prerequisites for this class:

Game of Life

This is an amazing class that had had amazing success. The creators of this class are Hiroyuki Miyazaki (a.k.a Hiro) and Vinna Stibal. This class is designed to find and remove specific limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward with success in your business life as well as your personal life.
Hiroyuki Miyazaki (a.k.a. Hiro) worked in the financial industry for 17 years before becoming the Thetahealer representative of Japan in the course of this class being developed, thetahealing in Japan has grown 900% with increased public recognition.
Join us with in “The Game of Life” to transform your whole being. This 3 day course has been created for “real life success” and gives you the opportunity to find your Blocks and to instill hundreds of feelings to achieve your dreams and desires.
Topics include:
·          Belief Work
·          Free yourself from Parent Obligation
·          Release traumas
·          Release societal burdens
·          Handle Peer Pressure
·          Receive Infinite Abundance
·          Expand your business as you wish
·          Learn what it is to Really Envision and Manifest
·          Get Ready to Succeed
·          Find Excitement in all Aspects

Pre-Requisites: Basic and Advanced

Rainbow Children

Calling Rainbow children of all Ages:
Have you ever wondered if you were an indigo child or a rainbow child? And the most important question is how to tell the difference. An indigo child is a child that has come into this world and can be influenced by negativity. While a Rainbow child is born with wisdom and the ability to change the world around them. An indigo child can change into a rainbow child, by changing their belief structures bringing about the ability to change their world.
The Rainbow Children’s class is designed to help increase your spiritual and intuitive growth whether if you are an indigo child or a rainbow child. As we came into this world we brought with us special gifts that may have been shut down do to the belief structures of the world or those around us. With ThetaHealing® we are able to tap into the subconscious and change the beliefs that will unlock the door to the gifts from the Creator, which we brought into this world. These gifts will help you understand your selves, our children and the world around us.
This Class is a wonderful class that brings out the inner intuitive child within us all, whether if we are parent, grandparents, or children. This Class is for children of all ages of 7 up to adulthood. These 15 different classes will assist you with a better understanding of
“How to do”:
· Belief work
· Create Positive Feelings
· Drumming’s
· Empathetic Readings
· Healing on the Body and Soul
· Guided Meditations
· Future and Guardian Readings
· Telekinesis
· Auras
· Healing Animals and much more….
There are no Pre-Requistes for this class.  Children under the age of 18 must have a signed permission slip from parents to take this class

Soul Mates

There are more soul mates now than there have ever been. Are you looking for your soul mate? Do you already have your soul mate and looking to strengthen your connection? This is the class for you. Join us for this life changing class that can help you remove your blocks in finding your soul mate and bring your life a compatible life soul mate. This is an amazing class that can introduce you to the beauty of ThetaHealing.
· In this class you will learn how:
· Past relationships affect you today
· A deeper understanding of love
· How to pull in your soul mate
· What a soul mate is
· How your words can block you
· The love gene

There are No Pre-Requisites for this class

Soul Mate Class for The Advanced ThetaHealer

As ThetaHealers® we know how powerful our words are and how our beliefs can block us. This is a 2 day class in which you learn everything that the soul mate class has to offer plus the beliefs that can block you from finding that soul mate, or bring them into your existence. If you have that mate and want to become closer, more intimate, or have better communication this is a must have class.

Join us and witness the beauty of this class in your life today.
In this class you will learn:
· How Past relationships affect you today
· A deeper understanding of love
· How to pull in your soul mate
· What a soul mate is
· How your words can block you
· The love gene
And Beliefs that are blocking you from your Soul Mate.
Pre-Requisites for the Advanced Soul Mate Class are:
The Basic and Advanced Class.
Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

This is not just an ordinary weight class. This class helps you to find the Rhythm of your mind, body, and spirit. This class is about finding your true inner beauty and love for yourself, with the use of Belief work and Vianna’s secrets to weight loss. Join us for this exciting class in Manifesting your perfect weight and finding inner peace and happiness.
For this one day class there is a $50 non refundable deposit and $100 due the day of the class.

Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced

Intuitive Anatomy

Intuitive Anatomy takes the student into an extensive three week journey through the body so that the student receives the opportunity to meet the systems and organs in the human body. This class strengthens the scanning process of the student. As the student travels intuitively through the human body they will become more aware of the belief structures that are associated with that system or organ, along with the diseases that are related to that area. It is with the use of the digging work that the student, finds the belief structures that are related to the system, organ or disease. During this class the student will be given time to work on themselves as well as others in the class to find their limiting beliefs associated with different diseases. A bonus of this class is that it gives the student practical information on the human anatomy with movies shown daily from “Body Story” by Discovery. This class has been created by the “Creator” to groom the healer. The friendships that come out of this class can be forever.
In the IA Class the ThetaHealing®  Instructor guides the student to:
  • introduce the student to the magic of the human body.
  • learn that disease and disorders go hand in hand with the demonstration of emotions.
  • come to the realization that emotions are signals that the body is out of balance.
  • discover the Programs and Beliefs that are attached to every body system.
  • understand how much space is taken up by negative emotions.
  • know the specific Beliefs that come with diseases.
  • practice seeing into the body with body scans.
  • honor the client’s free agency.

Prerequisites for this class are:
Basic Class
Advanced Class


DNA 3 is the next level for ThetaHealing® student. DNA 3 brings forth the knowledge and ability of how to move and change organic and non-organic materials. With this knowledge we are able to witness change in the mitochondria creating instant healing. DNA 3 brings to the student the awareness that they can step out of the paradigm, DNA 3 brings into our reality that we are creating what we are living.
This class consist of such exercises as:

Line up the external molecules
Resentment work on a deeper level
Water exercise
Healing Illnesses
The force field that holds objects in place
Know yourself
create your future
Spiritual Bi-Location
The power of your words and thoughts
changing weather
Finding and balancing your element
Intuitive Anatomy
*The more classes that you take the better prepared you will be.

Disease and Disorder's

Disease and Disorder’s is a class that came about in 2007, after Vianna had witnessed over 47,000 readings. This class is made up of the different disease she had encountered with those she had worked with. This class is put together to help the student to work on blocks that may occur while working on the different diseases. This class can bring out our feelings and emotions, beliefs that can impact the body on physical and cellular bases. These diseases may inhibit them from witnessing healing on themselves or others. With the class you would receive the Disease and Disorder book, which hold the belief structures of the diseases. The class will cover everything from “Heavy Metal poisoning, Body systems and over 100 different diseases. The class also addresses different herbs and minerals to help with the healing process. This class was also designed to bring the student one step closer to the ThetaHealing® Master Title.

Prerequisites are:
Intuitive Anatomy

World Relations

The ThetaHealing® World Relations course focuses on specific cultures and beliefs that trigger past and present issues dealing with races, religions, and people. As these beliefs are discovered, the hidden prejudices, hatred, and resentments associated with the beliefs can be released. This enables those that take world relations to truly accept people, their cultures, and religions of the world with unconditional love.
This is an amazing 5 day course that:
Day’s 1- 2:
 Deals will deal with the student’s beliefs of how they feel about other Countries and the customs around the world. As the student works on their belief it releases the negative feeling that have been hidden for generation.
Day 3
The Student focuses in and around the belief structures associated with alternative healing in the business world.
Day’s 4 and 5
 The Student Focuses on religions around the world, their beliefs, and the acceptance of them in true unconditional love.
With all the forms of transportation that there is, it enables us to travel and connect with other countries. This in turn introduces us to different cultures. World Relations offers the student/practitioner the great opportunity to have an in depth understanding and acceptance of other cultures. The students that have taken this course have discovered many negative, unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions (through the belief work) held against other cultures or religions. These beliefs are feelings such as fear, hatred, and anger toward these countries or cultures. Which can be genetic hidden on their generational line. This course gives the student/practitioner the ability to remove the unconscious beliefs that can cause inner and outer conflicts toward others. Join us for this life changing class in clearing the unknown prejudices, resentments, and anger that exists within your life.

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic and Advanced class and Intuitive Anatomy or Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Basic Teachers and Advanced Teachers

Animal Class

This is the definitive class on healing animals. The most dominant animal throughout the world is the human species, but are we so different from other animals? What is in your DNA that is working for you instinctively?
Go on a journey with Vianna and explore animal instincts that are within the human body. Learn how to heal our brothers and sisters from the animal kingdom and get a deeper understanding of the inner world inside the divine human body. (class description come directly from Vianna’s website,

Plants Class

This class is dedicated to the secret intuitive world of plants, trees and elements and is an in-depth discovery of how to communicate with the plant kingdom of the Second Plane of Existence.
The Second Plane of Existence teaches us to be in harmony with the plants, trees and elements  Within this harmony, we learn the first lesson of how plants use light-energy to heal. Learn how to heal a plant and how to permit the plant kingdom to heal you. (Class description come directly from Vianna’s website,

For Those who are looking to take classes at THInK and are requiring classes to continue your instructor’s certificates. We have ThetaHealing Teachers available to assist you in your Manifestations. Contact us at: 208-529-6633>