Katie Lamb

Welcome to Touch of Hope, My name is Katie Lamb. I am a ThetaHealer. I hold a ThetaHealing Masters of the DNA 2, as well as a Certificate of Science for ThetaHealing. I am also a wife, mother and a grandmother. It is through every aspect of my life that I witness the Beauty of the Creator. ThetaHealing is an amazing healing Technique , founded by Vianna Stibal given to her from the Creator, that touches all people of all walks of life. This beautiful technique is not prejudice towards individuals, races, or religious preference. All you have to have is a belief in “God, Source or Creator of all that is”.
When I was a young girl about the age of 14 growing up in West Texas. There was a traveling evangelist that frequently visited through our area, he had the gift of sight, (as we saw it) being able to see into the future. He told me that “God” had a special purpose for me and that I was a dreamer of dreams. He also said to me that I would have a dream that night that would tell me what God’s purpose would be. I remember that night as if it were yesterday, all I dreamed of was two fingers just about touching. I asked the traveling evangelist what this meant, he said, “at the right time I would know.” As I traveled through my life as teenager, and mother, I would often have the same dream. “Two fingers just about touching.”
I eventually found myself in Idaho Falls a single mom raising three children. I met a Lady by the name of Vianna in 1995.  It was at that point that my life truly began to change increasing my intuitive abilities. Vianna validated me that what I saw, knew and felt were accurate.  As I began to see Vianna for Guidance our relationship began to change into friendship.  Later that year Vianna was told that she had cancer in her leg and that was later diagnosed as a lymph cancer.  Vianna has always had a strong belief in Goad and she was shown the ThetaHealing® Modality and she was healed from Cancer.  Vianna mad a promise to the “Creator/God” that the would take this Healing Modality to the world, giving others the opportunity to witness their lives heal as well, and so This is how ThetaHealing® was born.
 In 2004 I was remarried, with my three children and two stepchildren, and going to Idaho State University to receive my degree in Social Work. I was working part time at “Vianna’s Natures Path” gift store and also doing readings/healing there. It was at this time that Vianna received a huge wall hanging. As we opened it, I stood in amazement, as I looked at         Leonardo Da Vinci’s, “Creation of Adam”. It was there that I was instantly taken back to my dream and I heard God/Creator say, “And so, you shall Touch The Creator”.
My Business is called, “Touch of Hope from ThetaHealing®” because everyday I am blessed with the opportunity to “Touch the Creator”. Join me in witnessing this beautiful work in your life, as Vianna states, “ThetaHealing is truly an Attainable Miracle.” It will change your life.