A personal experience that I have witnessed with Thetahealing was in the life of my Granddaughter Aryn.  Aryn was born with in 2001; she was so beautiful and sensitive in nature.  We began to notice when Aryn was about sixteen months of age that she began to withdraw from those of us who loved her most.  She would focus on one item for long periods of time.  She refused to be held, and would scream for hours.  Her behaviors began to increase with her age.  The doctor’s began in suspect that she had Autism.  I knew that Theta worked.  So we began working with Aryn doing Theta, refusing to give into the fear of Autism, Aryn responded almost instantly. She once again accepted the touch of love from her family.  Instead of crying for hours, she carried on conversations.  Aryn will tell you that Theta works and that it heals.  She describes what I do as “Playing with God.”  Another instance in which I witnessed an instant healing was with my grandaughter Marley Kate, Aryn’s sister.  Marley Kate came into this world in the early morning of January 24, 2009.  She was excited about being in this world, Marley breathed before the doctor’s had a chance to suction out her nose and mouth, causing the meconium to tear her lung lining.  The doctor’s were telling my daughter Anna, son-in-law Trevor and I of the complications along with the procedure that would have to be done to repair Marley’s lungs.  The doctor’s were going to surgically insert a tube for her to breath, another tube to deflate her lungs.  The complication’s that the doctor’s were anticipating was pneumonia.   As I stood in the room with them, I silently connected to the creator and witnessed a healing on my granddaughter.  A little while later Anna, Trevor and I went to touch Marley before she was to have her surgery.  The doctor was in the process of x-raying her lungs, he came out and looked at the three of us and said, “I guess it wasn’t as bad as we thought, she’s healing”, Marley Kate came home with Anna three day’s later. The pediatrician later told Anna that they had expected Marley to remain in the Hospital for at least 3 weeks.  He looked at her and smiled with the reply of, “I forgot which family I was dealing with.”  My response to this healing is, “But of Course”.

Katie Lamb "ThetaHealer Master of DNA 2" and Anna Reed

My name is Esther Rocha, and I have been a Day Spa owner in Modesto ca. for more than 12 years now. By the time I had a theta session with Katie Lamb, I had been suffering for almost 3 months with unexplained, severe back and abdominal pain. I couldn’t work! The pain was too much to deal with and Most days I couldn’t even get out of bed. 3 E.R visits, 5 Dr. appts and countless tests and blood work revealed NOTHING. Many massages, Chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture brought no relief. I felt hopeless. Thankfully a friend of mine made an appt for me, so I called Katie all the way in Idaho Falls, and in (1) phone session the pain was completely gone.! I still can’t believe it!!! I went back to work full-time 2 days later. I will be forever grateful to this wonderful lady, she is an Amazing healer and God has blessed her with a gift. Sincerely,

Esther Rocha

I came across theta healing when a close friend of mine shared her positive experience with it. I decided to give it a shot, with little to no expectation. But when I decided to try theta, I never imagined that I would meet someone like Katie Lamb. Katie is not only an excellent theta healer, which requires a great deal of skill and intuitive ability, but she is also compassionate; nurturing; a great listener, and friend- all qualities which can not be taught. I know from working in the holistic field that energy work is very powerful, but it is even more effective when the person administering that work is Katie. She is passionate about this work, she really cares about her clients, and she is truly talented. As a result her sessions bring about life changing events! I have seen it in myself and in my friends and clients. I have referred so people to Katie and I cannot recommend her enough!

Nicole Glassman Holistic Nutritionist and Owner, Mindful Health NY, NY

I was on vacation in Nashville. I woke up Sunday morning August 30,2009 with a area of blackness on the inner corner of my left eye. I went to the emergency room, near my resort. By the time I had reached the hospital, I had a definite loss of vision, and the doctors had suspected a detached retina. I was sent to a retina there in Nashville. Sure enough I had lost 40% of my vision, and my retina was detached. I had to fly home immediately. On September 2nd i had a gas bubble put in my eye, to bush back my retina into place. I only had a 85% chance to I would get my vision back. I still had very little vision in my eye when I called Katie and she gave me an emergency appointment for Thursday September 3rd at 9:30 am. Katie found some beliefs I was holding on to. Through the theta healing process these beliefs were changed. Gradually through out the half hour the sight began to return in my left eye. each time she changed a belief she commanded God to do a healing on my eye. And each time I saw better and better. When I went back to the doctors at 3:30 pm that same day, he was amazed and gave me a 95 percent chance of my sight returning with a full recovery. He also was able to lazered my eye at that time. I have continued to work with Katie and theta and my eye sight is almost back to normal. Thank God! And thank you Katie for being such a pure channel to God love and healing powers

Barbra Henry

In October of 2004 while working at WINCO Foods in the bakery department I tripped over a wooden pallet and crushed my elbow. My doctor told me after the surgery that the injury was a lot worse then he had thought after first looking at the x-rays.He said it was the worst injury of that kind he had ever worked on. He basically put stuff back where it went and sewed me up . After much therapy I had full use of my arm; but my elbow extension was short by about 10 inches. During a reading session with Katie we were talking about the injury and she asked Creator thru the reading to reset and heal it. She asked if it felt better and to show her the arm extension.When I did my arm had FULL extension!!! I was totally amazed.I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had full strength and full movement.When I asked her if I needed to take time off work to let it heal that way, she told me Creator heals instantly and fully. So to show me she had me carry out some of the food drive canned goods to her car and it was true, full strength. BUT OF COURSE!!!!!!

Lavar Idaho Falls

I am so enormously grateful that you have come into my life.  Through your amazing gift of ThetaHealing, my life has truly transformed in beautiful ways that I had not ever begun to imagine possible. I have gone from being the verbal and emotional punching bag for my brothers and mom as well as the recipient of threats for physical harm form my brothers, to standing up for myself to the point where, thankfully, none of them mess with me verbally, emotionally, or physically.
 I have gone from no financial security to a solid source of income with good benefits.
And I have moved from an inability to dream my dreams for my life to believing again in the power of dreams and now manifesting the career and lifestyle I’ve dreamed secretly for well over a decade–a dream I had long ago shelved and frankly, had forgotten I had at one time dreamed.
My self esteem has soared. My confidence is electrifying. Now, I look forward to clearing what needs clearing so that I can have the marriage for which I have longed. Today I am ready for him. Today, I’m ready to bring into this part of my life the ThetaHealing Miracle with which you have blessed me in all the other aspects of my life. You truly are AMAZING!
Through your most precious gift, I know that we will unravel and transform the myriad of unhelpful beliefs that obviously prevent me from manifesting my most compatible life mate. The miracles about which I am writing remind me that I can have the marriage I desire because I’ve already experienced miracles in so many other areas of my life–areas that had emotionally tortured my heart and prevented me from the incredible life I am living today. By that I mean incredible in terms of both my internal and external lives.
I highly recommend your playful healing touch to anyone ready to move whatever is standing in their way of seeing unfold in their own lives the beautiful experiences they wish to create while living on this planet.

Ana, Mississippi

At age 45, I called Katie Lamb at Touch of Hope a couple of years ago with the intention of finding relief from arthritic pain that locked up nearly every area of my body: feet, knees, back, neck, shoulders, and right hip. Within minutes of speaking with Katie over my cell phone, I felt a tingling sensation through my right leg. Within seconds, all the joint pain and stiffness left my entire body and I regained freedom of movement that I had not known for several years.
Gently, Katie continued to ask more questions in other areas of my life. It was her integrity and genuine desire to leave no stone unturned. I was truly impressed. She guided me through my thoughts on work, love, manifesting and understanding abundance and peace.
I ended the call feeling energetic, happy, but most of all, physically relaxed and joyful about the release of pain, never giving the session with Katie another thought.
My life took another sift in an unexpected, miraculous way.
Within 3 weeks of that session with Katie, I began work in a “dream” position with a large salary, my own office, working on exciting projects, with the job title I had wanted for the past two years and the office now located within blocks of where I lived. It was beyond anything I had ever imagined possible.
I highly recommend working with Katie Lamb if you’re serious about gaining better health, increasing the peace and joy in your life and resolving areas of manifesting abundance.
Oh, did I forget to mention she healed my 2-year old cat from an abrupt onset of asthma, the side effect of a rabies vaccination. The Veterinarians recommended steroids for the rest of his life. However, Katie saved him from all of that. I’m one very thankful and HAPPY cat mom!!!

Laurie Jameson

A Medical Miracle In early January I found myself in my urologist’s office getting a cystoscopy. For those who don’t know, a “cysto” is a procedure whereby a tiny video camera is inserted in the urethra to display an image of what it encounters on a big screen. If you ever need to have this done, I can say it entails only minor discomfort and is nothing to be afraid of. Anyway, why I was there is a long story, but it turned out to be a very good thing that I was. When the camera got to my bladder, what showed up was a bladder tumor. Surrounding it was an ulcerated area that didn’’t look too good either. This was obviously a very serious matter, so I set up an appointment with a nationally recognized expert in bladder cancer, Dr. Lamm of BCG Oncology in Phoenix, AZ, to be seen a few weeks later. Meanwhile, I did several Theta Healing sessions a week with Katie Lamb of Katie’’s Touch of Hope. Katie also did work on this on her own during that time, and I did Theta healing sessions for myself on a daily basis. When I got to Dr. Lamm’s office he was ready to schedule a surgical procedure right away, but I prevailed upon him to do a repeat cysto. So he did, and lo and behold, there was no tumor or ulcerated area to be found. There were only a few isolated red spots. A laboratory examination of the cells sloughed off from my bladder showed no evidence of cancer. In the course of the examination Dr. Lamm said “Bladder tumors don’t disappear by themselves”. So I give credit for this healing to Katie and Theta Healing. Now, one can’t help but wonder if that tumor was really there the first time around. But, I saw it, the Urologist saw it, and the nurse saw it. I have the Urologist’s notes indicating a bladder tumor and the treatment plan specifying a “TURBT”, trans-urethral resection of bladder tumor.

Jay D. Bear
In Loving Memory
Mary Zerilla