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I have known Vianna for many years. Our relationship goes back to January of 1996, when I sought her counsel for some personal healing. From that point on our relationship has grown and flourished. We became neighbors and our children became friends, and so did we. I was the person who took Vianna to the Doctor when she was diagnosed with cancer and was told to seek professional medical assistance. Our relationship is not just on a personal level, it is also on a professional. As I have been a part of ThetaHealing® from its beginning origins.

It has been truly amazing to have watched this Beautiful Technique grow and to have grown with it.  I along with others have witnessed ThetaHealing work.  I have witnessed it as it has worked in my life as well as others lives on the physical, spiritual and emotional issues within the lives, the lives of my client’s and fellow practitioners.   What I do is of God, a Creator, a Source in which I witness through prayer as the energy of Unconditional Love Heals.  Those of us who are trained ThetaHealers and does ThetaHealing® will tell you how magnificent it truly is.  We at Touch of Hope urge you check out this link from Vianna, to explain in depth of ThetaHealing®.
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